Benjamin Swaim, Gigaro (2), 2022 2023


Benjamin Swaim: Michel Nessim Boukris Laureate 2024 


The Fondation des Artistes is delighted to announce that Benjamin Swaim is the 2024 laureate of the Michel Nessim Boukris Prize, a prestigious distinction awarded each year to an artist selected for his or her talent and outstanding contribution to contemporary art.

Born in 1970, Benjamin Swaim has distinguished himself through his innovative pictorial research into landscape, a subject that has become central to his artistic work. His ability to capture light and colour with remarkable creative freedom won over the jury, who chose to support his artistic output with a €10,000 grant.

In his work, Swaim explores the landscape through drawings made on the spot, which serve as a starting point for expressive and dynamic painting. His paintings, characterised by bold flat colours and daring compositions, invite the viewer into an immersive and emotional visual experience.

This recognition is all the more significant in the context of the Michel Nessim Boukris Prize, which pays tribute to Dr Sauveur Boukris’s philanthropic commitment to the arts. Every year for the next 20 years, this prize will support emerging and established artists, perpetuating the legacy of Michel Boukris through the Fondation des Artistes.

The Michel Nessim Boukris 2024 Award will be presented at an official ceremony in the spring, marking an important milestone in Benjamin Swaim’s career and underlining the importance of his contribution to the arts.

— Translated from an article by Artistes du Temps